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DT: Metamorphose black headbow

DT: Metamorphose black headbow

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* Heres my feedback page: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/905356.html I've got only two feedback, but at least they are positive XD
* I ship from the Netherlands and consider trading with people from each continent, though the shipping costs shouldn't be as high as a new headbow or something ;^_^

Metamorphose headbow
<img src=">
I bought it from Mbok. I don't know how any times it's used, but I only wore it once to see how it looked.
I would like to trade this since I thought I was into the "old school gothic phase" but realized I had much more pink in my closet.
Its soft and as usual there are wires in it to adjust the shape.

I'd like to trade it for a light colored head accessory, along the lines of one of these things:

but just show the things you've got :D

thanks for looking!
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